Bobby Mitchell


Sunny 95 is known for being Columbus’ feel-good radio station. Kinetico is trusted for being Columbus' feel-good water treatment company. The partnership made sense, and that's why Bobby Mitchell chose Kinetico to provide his family with soft, worry-free water throughout his entire home! 

Bobby, co-host of Sunny in the Morning with Bobby & Stacy, couldn't help but notice how his hard, problem Columbus water was affecting his home and family. A Kinetico water treatment specialist tested his water and recommended a whole-home solution that includes a non-electric, fully automatic Premier Series Water Softener and K5 Drinking Water Station.

Now Bobby is eagerly helping us spread the word about the incredible differences water-treatment equipment can make in a home. Their water is clean and soft, and they no longer have any need to buy bottled water!

 Everyone deserves great water. Call us today and say "Bobby Sent Me" for a special gift during the installation of your water treatment equipment!