Martini Thom

While he's best known for his affinity for martinis, our friend Martini Thom is also a fan of pure, great-tasting water. So when he started noticing bad tastes and odors in his water, he turned to the water treatment experts at Kinetico.

After his in-home water test, Thom chose equipment to treat the water throughout his entire house. Now he and his family enjoy clean, soft water and they have pure, worry-free, reverse osmosis water right in their own kitchen. Soap scum and crusty, hard water deposits are a thing of the past, and the funny tastes and odors are gone, too!

Martini Thom can be heard gushing about his great Kinetico water weekdays from 3pm-7pm on The Rewind 103.5 FM/104.3 FM. He's ready to tell everyone about the differences great water can make! 

Everyone deserves great water. Call us today and say "Martini Thom Sent Me" to receive a special gift from Kinetico during your installation.