Woody Johnson WCOL

If you're a fan of country music in Columbus, you've likely turned on 92.3 WCOL FM and listened to Woody and the Wake Up Call. But long before he was speaking about Kinetico's products on his show, Woody turned to Kinetico to solve the issues he was having with hard, problem water. 

Hard water was causing a chalky, white residue on his shower heads and faucets and the annoying and ever-present soap scum in his showers and tubs. Woody and his family were also tired of buying bottled water because of the strange odors and tastes in their tap water. 

Today, Woody is a strong supporter of Kinetico products and the benefits great water provides for his family and his home. In fact, he loves his Kinetico water so much, we have a special sale on the last Friday and Saturday of every month. On Woody's Weekend, customers can take advantage of discounted salt, filters and supplies.