Coach John Tortorella

As the head coach of the Columbus Blue Jackets, John Tortorella has never been one to back down from a challenge. So when he learned there were ways he could improve the water he and and his family were using and drinking in their home, he knew he needed the highest-quality and most efficient equipment in the industry. That's when he turned to the water treatment experts at Kinetico. 

After testing the water in his home and evaluating his family's needs, Kinetico recommended a whole-home water treatment system, which includes a Premier Series Water Softener and K5 Drinking Water Station. As soon as the equipment was in place, the Coach noticed his water went from tolerable to terrific. There were no more issues with hard water, and more importantly, he knew his drinking water was completely worry free. 

If you have concerns about the water in your home, do what Coach Tortorella did and reach out to the experts at Kinetico.