Kinetico has a drinking water system for your Central Ohio home whether you have city water or well water. The Columbus Region receives most of its water from reservoirs supplied by underground water supplies. Although Central Ohio residents have plenty of tap water, homeowners can still experience water issues. Some of the common water problems experienced in Columbus and the surrounding communities include hardnessarsenicchromium, chlorine tastecloudy water and more 

Municipal water treatment facilities do a great job treating city water; however, the water must still travel from the water plant, through the water pipes and into your home. Whether you have a private well or city water, Kinetico has a reverse osmosis system or a drinking water filter to meet your needs. Schedule a FREE, in-home water test today to provide your family with great-tasting, worry-free drinking water. 

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Benefits of Owning a Drinking Water System in the Columbus Region: 

  • Filtered water tastes great. 
  • Filtered water is best for rinsing fruits and vegetables. 
  • Foods like pasta and rice taste better when cooking with filtered water. 
  • Making coffee, tea and other beverages with filtered water helps bring out the flavor. 
  • Removes impurities and contaminants like lead, chlorine, chromium, arsenic and more.