No matter what water challenges your Central Ohio home has, Kinetico has the solution. We offer a wide variety of specialty solutions, such as non-electric and saltless water softeners, specialty water filters, leak detection and more.  

In Columbus and the surrounding areas, common water problems include iron, chlorine and sulfur or rotten egg smell. These water issues can be effectively treated regardless of your home’s size and your family’s budget. Schedule your FREE, in-home water test with a Kinetico Water Specialist today to learn what options could best meet your individual needs. 

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Benefits of a Specialty Water System in the Columbus Region: 

  • Fresh, clean, worry-free water 
  • Eliminate iron and hardness in your water 
  • Great-tasting, odor-free water 
  • Stain-free sinks, toilets, clothes and more 
  • Reduce problems from acidic water 
  • Peace of mind knowing you can stop water leaks in seconds 
  • Water is free of chlorine and chloramines for improved taste and smell